Law School Library Regulation

  1. The entrance to the library is possible only with the demonstration of the academic ID or library card (for non university members) at the information desk.
  2. Cell phones must be deactivated before entering the library.
  3. The photocopying machines are to be used carefully and only for photocopying library material. Please lower the lids while photocopying to protect yourself from the radiation and only put the journals back to the shelves after their use.
  4. Please do not put the books back in the shelves. You can leave them on a table in their respective sector.
  5. A fine of 0,30 Euros is applied to overdue books for each day of delay.
  6. You can have access to your personal account though Choose Login and type your card number in the “Card number” field (e.g 9090-032 or the barcode of your Academic id). In the “Password” field type your birth year (e.g 1990) and click Login.
  7. You are not allowed to enter the library with your bag, coffee or food. You may place your personal belongings in the library’s lockers for as long as you use the library. The lockers serve only the library’s users. In case of infringement, the fine is 5,00 Euros, in case of loss of the locker’s key or any other damage to the lockers the fine is 30,00 Euros.
  8. Computers are allocated throughout the library’s corridor which can be used only for research purposes in the library’s databases or for searching books and articles in the library catalogue (OPAC).
  9. Each sector of the library can be used only for bibliographic research and not as a study room.
  10. The library staff has the right to remove the library card from the user, which automatically prohibits their entrance to the library and the use of the library’s services for one month, provided that the user does not comply with the library’s regulation (e.g vandalism, theft, smoking, use of cell phones etc.).
  11. You are requested to read the library’s announcements for your own briefing.
  12. All library users are obliged to abide by the regulation of the AUTH Library & Information Centre system as it is published in the webpage: (in greek)

All of the above constitute a synopsis of the basic rules of the library and not an analytic presentation.