Research programs

  1. Populist constitutionalism, Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation, Project No: HFRI-FM17-1502,Akritas Kaidatzi,
  2. Procedural safeguards of accused or suspected children improving the implementation of the right to individual assessment — IA-CHILD
  3. Risk sharing in the euro area
  4. JUD-IT Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters and Electronic IT Data in the EU
  5. A cohesive model to counter financial crime and corruption in the public sector in Greece
  6. Center of Excellence for Cybercrime for education, research and education in Greece
  7. Assisted Human Reproduction and protection of the fetus in vitro
  8. Jean Monnet Center of Excellence “European Constitutionalism and Religion(s)”
  9. Legal issues for mobile applications
  10. Legal issues concerning the collection and processing of Big Health Data in view of the EU Regulation 679/2016, (General Data Protection Regulation)
  11. RE_JUSTICE: sustainable training in a challenging field 
  12. Innovative European Learning Path to Facilitate the Access of Refugees to HE
  13. Moving Identities: documents cross borders
  14. The struggle between tradition and modernity and the Constitution under the Greek revolutionary ‘State’
  15. The mechanics of representation and the autonomy of the Parliament: Proposals for the reinforsement of the representative body
  16. Euro and Democracy: Proposals for the reinforcement of democratic legitimacy of the new European economic governance
  17. Combating crime in the digital age: new technologies in the service of security and challenges for personal data protection – a systematic and critical review of the EU and Greek legislation [ΕΔΜΒ34] 
  18. Modern developments in the criminal law approach to terrorism in the EU and Greece: the new EU Directive and the complementary mechanism for the regulation of terrorism financing as challenges for our national law-security and liberty in crisis [EDULL34]    
  19. Neue Herausforderungen für Gesellschaft,Wirtschaft und Recht im deutsch-griechischen Vergleich